About Me

My name is Kendra B* Frederick, PhD. I am an aspiring Data Scientist. I love exploring, visualizing, and modeling data. While I can lose myself in the numbers, I also can consider the context: does the data, or our model, tell us something new about our world?

I recently completed a 12-week Data Science bootcamp in Seattle, WA. The bootcamp covered the fundamentals of supervised and unsupervised machine learning, probability and statistics, and data visualization. I independently designed and managed projects, explored and cleaned data, selected and engineered features, chose and optimized models, and communicated results in short, 4-minute talks. My previous professional background is in Beer Quality Assurance, Biopharmaceuticals, and protein biochemistry.

I work mainly in Python and its associated packages, but I know my way around a SQL query (PostgreSQL, SQLite). I've been exposed to MongoDB, Flask, D3, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, and Spark. I have worked in VBA in the past.

When I'm not coding, I try to be active: running, biking, hiking, disc golf, Ultimate Frisbee, CrossFit. I also like crossword puzzles and anagrams.

Don't just read about me, see for yourself: - GitHub - LinkedIn - Resume

Regarding my middle initial: there is actually another Kendra Frederick, PhD out there! She is a professor at UT-Southwestern.